Neighbors are tired of paying too much for the aggravation of the water problem.

People at the McGregor Preserve in Fort Myers still live with brown or rust-colored tap water. Some tell us they are now tired of paying for brown water.

While community service is working on permanent elimination, the city has offered homeowners here short-term solutions such as filters. Some filters have been enabled in Overdrive mode. And neighbors say it doesn’t take long to look like that.

McGregor Preserve resident Tammy Adamson says, “I mean, that’s why we bought here, because we liked it, it’s the perfect home, the perfect neighborhood, the perfect neighbors to raise our family.”

But when Adamson didn’t see when she moved, it was far from perfect water. Adamson says she has had water problems for five to six years.

She is not alone. Some, but not all homeowners in the area, deal with the same brown water flowing through their pipes. The city offered to install filters for free.

Since the filters are not complete, Adamson decided to move.

Five months is still a long time to wait for acceptable drinking water. But the city told me it hopes everyone who has problems will tell them about it.

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