This NFL off-season was wild.

And when it comes to the end, recently published a list of the best The 10 most effective trends of the 2022 offseason. In particular, two deals, both involving Pro Bowl defenders, topped the move list, with Dashon Watson heading in Cleveland Browns on № 1, and Russell Wilson joining Denver Broncas on No2.

“It’s virtually impossible to buy an elite quarterback who’s just entering his or her heyday,” wrote Jeffrey Chahida of regarding Watson. “Yes, this is obviously a unique situation, as we are all still waiting to see what comes out of the NFL investigation into the sexual abuse of many women against Watson … a serious chance to represent the AFC in the LVII Super Cup.

“This roster was created to be one of the deepest in the league. Cleveland only needed it effective quarterback play to become a serious contender for the championship. “

Back in March, at Texas Houston exchanged Watson for Brown for two 2022 NFL draft elections, two 2023 elections and two 2024 elections, and Cleveland won the 2024 election in addition to Watson.

Cleveland then signed with their new QB five-year contract for a fully guaranteed $ 230 million.

As mentioned, the second on the list was Denver’s move to acquire Wilson, who won the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks sent the 34-year-old QB to the Broncos in exchange for QB Drew LockeTE Noah FantDE Shelby Harristhree 2022 elections and two 2023 elections, and Denver won the 2022 election.

Wilson is instantly upgrading the Denver team, which now seems to be equipped to run in the AFC West.

So who actually won the offseason – Cleveland with its new signal or Denver with it?

Monday »Speak for yourself”, Former NFL remaver T.J. Houshmandzade and Brooks Party joined Marcellus Wiley to reveal their thoughts on the election.

“I don’t quite agree,” Houshmandzade told It must be Russell Wilson – no doubt – and the reason I say it is very simple: the Cleveland Browns had a pretty good season with Baker Mayfield as a defender… two years ago… you look at the last playoffs Denver Broncos ». Appearance – do we remember when it was? The second longest drought in the National Football League after the New York Jets. The Cleveland Browns were in the playoffs just two years ago.

“The Browns have a really good team that needs to be helped by Dashon Watson, but they don’t start with where Denver Broncos is.”

In Wilson’s 10 seasons in Seattle, he led the Seahawks to nine winning seasons and eight playoff appearances. Seattle received several trips to the Super Cup in 2013 and 2014, winning everything in its first trip. Wilson set a 9-7 career record for the Seahawks, winning at least one playoff game in the first five seasons with the franchise.

Wilson ended his stay in Seattle, scoring a regular season record of 104-53-1. He passed 37,059 yards, 292 touchdowns and 87 interceptions and made 144 consecutive regular season starts from 2012-2020. He missed the only three starts of his career last season after a finger injury.

On the other hand, Wiley wasn’t so convinced that Wilson deserved a № 1 spot, pointing to Watson’s huge stats last time he was on the football field.

“ got it right,” Wiley said. “[The] The Denver Broncos have a strong list, but you know who had a great list [and] just need one piece, one piece, one thing? Cleveland Brown.

“Cleveland Brown last year? [Didn’t] reach the playoffs … [and Baker] won only six games. And now [they] get Deshaun Watson. You know how much it energizes you when you say, “The only thing holding back is position.” And then they hold that position by someone as talented, as great as Dashon Watson? I think it was not easy. “

After serving the 2021-22 season with the Texans due to a trade request and legal issues off the field, Watson waived a banning trade provision to play for the Browns.

After Watson was selected 12th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, Watson was named in three Pro Bowls. He completed 67.8% of his passes in the first four seasons at 14,539 yards and 104 touchdowns with a total of 36 interceptions. He also rushed for 1,677 yards and made 17 quick landings.

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