Wendy Williams was in trouble a lawsuit with Wells Fargo for months. The bank was delayed talk show vet money because the company believes it is a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation”.

It came after her former financial adviser Lori Schiller allegedly stated that Wendy is “unhealthy mind»And is not able to deal with their financial affairs.

As a result, the judge appointed a financial guardian over Wendy’s accounts, and she’s not happy with that, This was reported by The Sun..

In an exclusive statement received from Shadow roomWendy’s lawyer, Lashon Thomas, said the 57-year-old woman didn’t want anyone to tell her how to spend the money.

Note that Wendy disagrees with the court’s appointment of a financial guardian. Wendy was very clear that she did not want the financial guardian to tell her what she could and could not do with her money.

Thomas also states that Wendy is able to handle her finances on her own.

Wendy feels she is capable of hiring her own financial advisers who work for her and are subordinate to her, not the court.

Thomas also expresses that this is an attempt to reduce Wells Fargo’s offenses.

We believe this story was told in an attempt to reduce the resonance and control of regulatory bodies around Wells Fargo because of their actions.

Before the judge ruled, Wendy went to Instagram and prayed with a financial institution to give her access to her money back in March.

She stated:

Wells Fargo has no questions or answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo have this petition for custody about keeping me away from my money.

Wendy also mentioned her former doctor, whom she fired, and Wells Fargo, who used his hospital records against her.

Then there is this man. The former doctor had medical information about me that I didn’t even get. It was passed on by Lori Schiller. So I didn’t get this stuff. I fired this doctor and again want to know where my money is? This is wrong, and of course it is not fair.

Wendy ended the video with the words “please let me access my money”.

Collaborators, what do you think of this situation?

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