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A single chip is wreaking havoc in school districts across the country, sending kids home sick and sometimes even in the hospital. The One Chip Challenge, which has over 850 million views on TikTok, is making a bold return to the classroom with kids.

The One Chip Challenge, created by chip company Paqui, challenges people to buy one “eye-watering, curse-inducing chip made from the hottest peppers on the planet,” which comes in a coffin-shaped box, according to Paqui’s website.

Also warns to keep out of reach of children.

“Those two peppers (in the chip) were rated at 2 million Scoville units, and the jalapeño is somewhere around 5,000, so they’re about 400 times hotter than a jalapeño,” Dr. Brett Christiansen told CBS in early 2022.

School districts are feeling the heat again this semester. Clovis Municipal Schools in New Mexico reported that about 30 students experienced problems after trying the chip at the school in September, according to KOB.

Many of them were middle school students, but some elementary students also got their hands on the chip, the school told KOB.

“Maybe about five students reported eating everything, but some only ate an eighth and developed full symptoms when they had to leave school,” Crystal Gutierrez, director of health and allied services of Clovis Municipality. Schools, KOB reported. “That’s when we really felt compelled to say, ‘Hey parents, we need your help, we definitely don’t want them on campus.’

McClatchy News reached out to Clovis Municipal Schools on Sept. 27 and was awaiting a response.

Treulten Middle and High School in Georgia also reported that nearly 20 students got sick from the chips in September, according to WMAZ.

“I had one in the office a few days ago, they were very red in the face… While they were explaining what was going on, they were having a hard time getting it out because they were breathing, crying,” Treulten Principal Brandon Tucker told WMAZ.

Paki advises those who are pregnant, have medical conditions or are allergic to pepper, fenugreek or capsicum to avoid the chips.

People seeking the challenge should wash their hands with soap after touching the chip and avoid touching their eyes or sensitive areas, Paqui warns on its website. If a person experiences breathing problems, fainting, or persistent nausea, they should seek medical attention medical assistance.

Sometimes children react so badly to the chip that they have to go to the hospital, McClatchy News reported in January 2022. Three students from Lodi High School in California were sent to trauma center after eating the chips, and nine more people became ill the same week after trying the test.

Lodi High School has banned the chip on campus, and other districts, including Werfan School District in Colorado, have followed suit.

“Students across the country have been hospitalized as a result of reactions to temperature index chips,” the school wrote on Facebook on September 14. — We urge our parents and guardians to talk to their children about the dangers of participating in this and other potentially harmful online activities. Note: Students will be suspended for bringing these to school, let alone trying to encourage others to take up the challenge.’

“The Paqui #OneChipChallenge is known to be very hot, as our brand shows, and the product should be handled with great care,” the chip company told McClatchy News in January. “Our #OneChipChallenge includes a disclaimer that it should not be consumed by those with spicy food sensitivities, allergies to pepper, fenugreek or capsaicin, minors, pregnant or medical conditions.”

School officials and medical workers are urging parents to monitor their children when it comes to trends and issues like the One Chip Challenge and have a conversation about the implications.

“Awareness is the best choice – getting this information out to parents who may not know that $5 grocery store item their child asked for could harm their child or other children at school if they share it Gutierrez said. told KOB4.

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