oh Harry Styles, how can we sum up the man who always does the most? In between, he pleases his fans with songs from his latest songs Harry’s House album during his cross country “Love on tour”, and turning into a true movie star with the just-released “Don’t worry dear“and Kostrychnitsky “My Policeman”, it’s no secret that the man is overflowing with talent. And as anyone who knows and loves Styles can attest, the music isn’t just magnetic with its thoughtful lyrics, incredible live performances, or superstar vocals. He’s also earned a reputation for being genuine and personable, and he’s handsome incredible fashion sense.

When his brand literally reads, “Treat people with kindness,” it’s clear why so many fans feel like they belong in the Styles community, and why his rainbow-filled world of love inspires and excites his fans. If you want to meet Stiles on a more heavenly level, you’re in luck. POPSUGAR spoke with the astrologer Nautica flowers to unravel the mysteries of Stiles’ birth chart.

Big 3

In your birth chart, the Big Three refers to you sun, moon and rising signs. These signs encompass your overall essence, which consists of your core identity, attitudes, and self-image. You can find them using an online birth chart calculator, but in order to know your rising sign, you need to know your time of birth. Luckily, Stiles’ birth time is publicly available, so we were able to glean some intimate astrological details.

Aquarius Sun

Your sun sign is usually the sign most recognizable to others, representing the essence of who you are. Stiles’ sun sign is a rebellious Aquarius who is known for being activists and pretty weird people of the zodiac. Having an Aquarius sun means Styles isn’t afraid to march to the beat of his own drum, and he also stands up for people who do the same. This is evident through Harry’s continued commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.

“Aquarius is known for being eccentric and eclectic, and Harry Styles seems to have built a reputation for both over the years.” Flowers tells POPSUGAR. β€œI often refer to Aquarians as ‘the aliens of the zodiac’ because they tend to stand out from the crowd and prefer to do things their own way. Thinking about Harry Styles in One Direction, he was always the one that most people knew and the one who had a very different solo career to the rest.’

Libra Moon

Our Moon sign shows our mood and emotional reactions. Stiles’ moon is in the diplomatic and balanced sign of Libra. Libra likes to keep the peace and find common ground, so he probably understands how to find and restore balance when emotions run high.

“Because Harry’s Moon is in the sign of artistic creativity and beauty, Libra Moons like Harry tend to express their feelings in beautiful ways β€” leading to ballads like ‘Falling,’ for example,” says Flowers. External aesthetics are important to Libra, but so are meaningful relationships; after all, they are ruled by the seventh house of partnership. “Libra is particularly ruled by romantic relationships, so making ‘Fine Line,’ an entire album dedicated to processing and coming out of relationships, must have been deeply healing for him,” adds Flowers.

Rising Libra

When you meet someone for the first time, you’ll probably be the first to recognize their rising sign. That’s because your the rising sign is your reflection or affirmation of yourself. Stiles’ rising sign is also in Libra, so he tends to express his aesthetic, which clearly shows in his sewing style. “Libra rules fashion, design and beauty, which is a perfect match for Harry’s forays into the fashion world and his rise as a men’s fashion icon,” says Flowers. β€œIt makes sense for Harry to be named GQ’s Most Stylish Man of 2020! Libras are known to be polite, respectful and well-liked people, and Harry’s reputation as a sweet and charming person is fitting.’ Being a fashion icon is huge Libra’s growth energy.

Personal Planets and Stellium of Aquarius

Along with the sun, moon, and rising sun, you have personal planets that make up certain aspects of your personality. These personal planets are your Mercury, Venus and Mars. These planets reveal your aggression, determination, aesthetics and even your communication style. The interesting part of Stiles’ birth chart is this he has an Aquarius stellium, which means that three or more planets are in the same sign. For Stiles, this means that his Mercury, Mars, and Venus are in Aquarius, making the Aquarian traits super-focused in his astrological personality.

Aquarius Mercury

Your Mercury reflects your communication style, how you react and how you express yourself in writing or other forms of communication. Styles’ Mercury sign is in Aquarius, which is evident in some of his weirder or more obscure lyrics, such as “When she’s alone, she goes home to the cactus” from his song Kiwi. Aquarius is also all about equality, which is so evident with his catchphrase: treat people with kindness. “Everything about Aquarius pushes us beyond the norm and the limits of expectation,” Flowers says. “Harry will continue to inspire waves of people to be their truest selves without being afraid to stand out or be different.”

Aquarius Mars and Venus

When it comes to Mars and Venus, Stiles is the Aquarian peak. Mars rules aggression and determination, and Venus rules romance and aesthetics, so the placement of these planets in the same sign can indicate a strong relationship between them. Aquarians aren’t just certified geeks; they also advocate for others. They are ruled by the 11th house of society, which explains why Stiles has always been so vocal about human rights and equality.

“Both of them being Aquarians may explain why Harry has responded to many interview questions about his sexuality or gender identity by explaining that he doesn’t believe in labels or any barriers that get in the way of how people love and live.” β€” explains Flowers. Without labels, inconsistencies, and encouraging different perspectives? This is as Aquarius as you can get!