It was hard to miss the TikTok megastar Addison Ray Mom, Sherry Nicole Easterling, makes her PDA MTV Video Music Awards 2022 red carpet the pair debut with rapper “Betty” Yung Gravy in late August. But it wasn’t the first time one of the Rae parents (Easterling and Monty Lopez) has been part of public drama since their daughter (full name Addison Rae Easterling) rose to stardom – the estranged couple has hit the headlines numerous times about relationships – related news.

Now, just weeks after Easterling’s VMAs, a source revealed Us Weekly that Ray is “embarrassed by the behavior of both her parents.” In fact, a source told the outlet in September that “she’s drifting away from her family.”

Since then, Lopez uploaded the diss track to YouTube about Jung Gravy and his ex on Sept. 25, though the video includes a disclaimer: “I’d like to take this moment to apologize to my family, friends, and others involved for the behavior I’ve portrayed online and in person. Please take this as a light-hearted and funny turn in my life.”

Rae was born on October 6, 2000 in Lafayette, Louisiana to Easterling and Lopez. According to seventeenRae has previously said that her parents had a difficult relationship; after marrying in 2004, the couple divorced, continued to have an on-and-off relationship, and eventually remarried in 2017. With Ray’s rising star, her parents have also been in the media a lot.

We cover Rae’s rise to fame and how her family’s drama was woven throughout – including her father’s alleged scandals and her mum’s (now broken) relationship with 26-year-old Gravy.