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Although NFL observers may have been skeptical of Odel Beckham Jr.’s arrival in Los Angeles last year, his mid-season addition Sheep was a match made in heaven.

Mercury receiver returned to his game, quickly adjusting the chemistry with the defender Matthew Stafford. In the second half of the regular season, Beckham made 27 assists for 305 yards and five points in eight games.

He was even better in the postseason, finishing with 21 receptions at 288 reception yards and two points. This includes two critical tricks – including one for the score – in winning the Los Angeles Super Cup Cincinnati Bengals. Beckham came on his way to winning the MVP award before getting a PKS rupture in his left knee in the second quarter. According to next-generation statistics, in the postseason he scored five receptions for 91 yards and a landing on six tracks.

“It was nothing but love,” Beckham said before his team’s victory in the Super Cup. “It was a great partnership every day. They put me in a position to succeed. They gave me the confidence to raise my game again.”

Shannon Sharpe: Rams won’t win the Super Cup without OBJ

Odel Beckham Jr. was in the midst of an MVP-like performance after his first landing in the game before suffering a knee injury at the end of the first half. Shannon Sharpe appreciates OBJ’s performance.

But will Beckham’s performance be encore in Los Angeles?

According to his social media account, Beckham underwent surgery on February 22. It was performed by Dr. Neil Ettrach, Reims ’chief physician, and it was Beckham’s second operation on PKS on his left knee in two years. However, Rams coach Sean McVey said he did it LSU Product return is a priority for the 2022 Los Angeles Super Cup.

“I really want Odell back on our team,” McVeigh said on the Rich Eisen Show. “This is a guy with whom we were able to establish a really special relationship in a short time. I thought he brought a big spark to our team.

“We all know what his charisma and presence is, but he’s a really great teammate. He made so many spectacular games. It was a shame to see him sink in this game, but it definitely affected those two catches he really had. Without a doubt, I want to bring Odell back in. That’s the goal, and we’re still working on a decision to get him to sign with Rams again.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Beckham has received a contract with an offer to return to Rams this offseason. When he returns, the rams will be loaded into position.

After the historic season in 2021 Cooper Coop is in line for a contract extension and is at the top of the LA depth chart. The rams signed Alain Robinson to a three-year contract for $ 46.5 million as the team’s 2nd receiver. Van Jefferson enters its third season in Los Angeles as the host of № 3 teams.

Popular Captain Robert Woods was sent to Tennessee Titans in trade, which could make room for Beckham.

The receiver will turn 30 in November. He is elsewhere in his life and says he is more comfortable with who he is. And now he has a family: Beckham’s eldest son, Zidane, was born in February, a few days before Odell’s knee surgery. It changes the way you make decisions.

And Baranov is likely to compete for his services.

Other teams with aspirations for the Super Cup, for example Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs and Patriots of New England witnessed Beckham’s influence on Rams last season and in the playoffs. Why not venture on a veteran receiver who can make spectacular games and push your team to the top?

Teams interested in acquiring Beckham will need to make sure he is healthy enough to be screened before signing a new deal with him. He will then need a detailed plan to return to the game, which will include time spent rehabilitating an injured knee in the regular season.

Dr. David Chao is a former team doctor Chargers and current NFL injury expert. On his website, Sports Injury Centerproviding expert analysis of player injuries, Chao said the path to recovery could be faster for athletes after a second knee operation.

“The player knows what to expect,” Chao said. “And the area you work in is similar. In other words, if you had to dig up your yard to fix a pipe and it broke again, you’re digging the same area. And that’s in a sense a benefit.” than dig up new territory because of the dirt you just filled up.This is not a solid foundation.

“If it’s from apples to apples – from an isolated ACL to an isolated ACL – I think the latter can in a sense be a little better.

According to Jan Rapaport of the NFL Network, Beckham’s first surgery on PKS’s knee did not go well, leading to the fact that rehabilitation took longer than expected. Beckham suffered a recurrent PKS rupture 16 months after the initial surgery. Chao said that if athletes come out after 12 months after knee surgery, the frequency of re-rupture should be lower than with a healthier player’s knee.

Chao noted that it took Beckham a year to return to the game after in October 2020 he suffered his first knee injury to the anterior crucifix. So, if you stick to the same term, there’s a chance that Beckham may not play at all this season.

“He’s a smart guy,” Chao said. “He’s a veteran guy. Obviously he has an incredible catching radius. I think he’ll be 100 percent this season? Maybe not. Can he help the team at the end of this season? Maybe maybe if all goes well -to my own “.

However, if Beckham stayed just three months from surgery, it may be some time before the team decides to offer the talented receiver a contract. On the other hand, Beckham could wait until he returns to run and perform field training before looking for a team.

“I don’t think he will sign for a while,” Chao said. “It’s unlikely he’ll be ready early in the season. Look at the schedule and forecasts. His surgery was in February. Six months puts him in the middle of training camp, so if I bet, I think he’ll most likely will swim until the need arises at the end of the season. “

This means that Beckham may be ready just before the postseason.

Eric D. Williams has led NFL reports for more than a decade, covering the Los Angeles Rams for Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Chargers for ESPN and the Seattle Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune. Follow him on Twitter at @eric_d_williams.

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