Ever since she became famous for her role as Eleven in Netflix. ”Strange things“- Fans were interested Mill Bobby Brown personal life, including who she meets. While the actress may attract attention in light of “Strange Things” season four will be released on May 27, it is also causing a stir with its latest appearance on the red carpet and Instagram posts with Jake Bonjovi. While the couple has yet to talk much about their relationship, that’s all we know about Brown and Bonjovi’s relationship.

Who is Jake Bongiovi?

If you learn the surname Bongiovi, it is because he is the son of a rock star John Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. Along with his famous father, Bongiovi also has three siblings: Romeo, Jesse and Stephanie. At Pennington School in New Jersey, he starred in a football team and even organized a student walk in 2018 to raise awareness about gun violence after the shooting of Stoneman Douglas in Florida. NJ.com.

The 20-year-old was born in New York admitted to Syracuse University in the fall of 2020. Although he comes from a family full of music, Bongiovi does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. In the spring / summer 2022 issue A man about the city, he spoke about his career in music, telling the publication: “I think I’ll leave it to my dad! You can’t really watch the act there. There was always music in the house, all different genres from all different types of worlds. But they talked to me people on screen, not voices through speakers. ” Instead of music, Bonjivi is an actor and lives in London The Daily Mail.

When did Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bonjovi start dating?

Brown and Bongiovi started appearing on each other’s Instagram in 2021 along with Bongiovi first published a photo of the two together in July that year. It is unclear whether they met at the time, but by November 2021. Newsweek confirmed that they met when Brown shared a blurry photo of her hugging Bonjivi on the London Eye on November 1, 2021. Since then, the couple has moved their relationship to the red carpet, appearing together at the BAFTA in March 2022 and at the premiere of the fourth season. “Strange things“in May 2022

Outside of the celebrations, Brown and Bonjivi show their love for each other on social media. May 7 actress congratulated Bongiovi on his birthday on Instagramby writing, “happy birthday, baby, can’t wait to fly to the moon and back with you! (Scroobie noobie)”. Similarly, Bongiovi published a report on Brown’s 18th birthday back in February 2022, writing “Happy Birthday, Barbie Elijah” on Instagram.

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