“Dr. Strange in a Multi-World of Madness” is one of Marvel ‘s most traveling films since it shows multiverse research (and all the characters in these universes), which gives us all a lot to theorize for months on end. With Wanda Maximov, she is the Scarlet Witch, returns as one of the most important characters of the film in the new film the obvious question that is in everyone’s mind is whether there is in the film in one form or another her only true love, Vision.

What has Paul Bethany Said that vision in “Dr. Strange in a multi-world madness”?

“It’s a really great question,” actor Paul Bethany said “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” April 22, when he was asked if he would appear in the role of Vision in a future film, “and, again, I said I was going to be completely honest with you … I’m in” Dr. Strange 2 “? Yes, no , yes, no, yes, no. I don’t know. I? What do you think? I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that I am in the aforementioned and aforementioned “Dr. Strange 2”.

What happened to the vision at the end “WandaVision“?

Vigen’s role in Wanda’s arch seems to be over, at least for now, after the events. “WandaVisionThe finale of this mini-series depends on Wanda being able to finally abandon the version of Vision that she invented out of grief, although it seems to leave the door open for them to reunite another time. In the scene after the credits “WandaVision“, for Wanda is a new challenge that seems likely to explode her storyline in “Doctor Strange 2”. As she looks through Darkhold, a very powerful book of magic, infamous for corrupting its users with its dark influence, she believes she hears the voices of her and Vision’s children, who disappeared along with all of Westview when she released magic that maintains illusion and control. Their voices are heard again one trailer for “Doctor Strange 2”.hinting at Wanda’s new trick.

Is Vision’s “Dr. Strange in a Multi-World of Madness”?

“Doctor Strange 2”, as the first full-fledged multi-world film at MCU, presents tons of new characters, or at least new character variants. Sure, you could add Vision, whether as a flashback, spell, or option, but that didn’t happen. In Wanda’s quest to bring back the life she briefly lived with her family, an alternative version of Wanda and her sons is introduced, but Vision never appears.

Why was Vision not in the movie “Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”?

While the lack of Vision is unequivocal raises some questions for fans his non-appearance in the film could have boiled down to the simple fact that Paul Bethany was busy with other commitments or that the film was already filled more substantial cameos and no longer needed.

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