Andrew Wiggins has not done anything like this since the preparations for Huntington.

At least that’s how much of this Twitterverse saw it after the 27-year-old got up and exploded on Luka Doncic for one of the most memorable slam jams in recent basketball memory.

It has been a long time since Wiggins showed his current form. He is currently gaining an average of 20.7 points against Mavericks in the Western Conference finals after gaining 14.9 post-season points per game before the series (averaging 17.2 points per game in the regular season).

And at the same time his productive growth as a whole gives positive results for his team. The Warriors now 16-4 this season when Wiggins is gaining more than 20 points, and is 46-4 when boasting a positive plus-minus.

On Sunday, Wiggins scored 27 points in Dallas and added 11 rebounds to the shot.

During the postseason, he improved several regular season figures, including his PER (15 to 16.2), rebound percentage (7.6 to 11.8) and attack rating (109 to 115).

“Wiggs was incredible,” Steph Curry said after Golden State 109-100 Game 3 victory. “… He just finds ways to influence victory. He understood that. “

Kevon Looney seems to be on the same page with Wiggins.

Another more unpredictable starter, Looney tends to provide GS with a solid rebound and decent protection afterwards. But lately the 26-year-old vet has been giving his troupe much more and this has undoubtedly helped their performance in boxing.

Despite playing more than 30 minutes only twice in the regular season, Looney has twice surpassed that figure already in the postseason. And he managed Steve Carr’s trust in him.

Luni is currently leading the league in the ranking of attacks in the playoffs (147), and he is the only player above 135 in this category. He is third in NBA in winning shares in 48 minutes, at 0.225. He also leads the NBA in bounce rates (20.7%), the only player left in the postseason above 20.

Nick Wright even suggested that Luni’s play still surpassed the play of some of his more famous colleagues, including Rudy Robert and Deandre Aitan.

Game 2 was a key moment, ”he said Monday “First things first.”

“Kevon Looney scored them in the attack glass and scored effectively.”

In addition, Wiggins ’game forces Wright to abandon initial criticism of the trade that led him to the GS

“This is a guy I’ve been critical of,” Wright said. “I said the trade would prevent them from reaching the next NBA final because I thought the trade was so dumb and now I look so dumb. He was effective in attack, the bulldog in defense and soaked Luke’s head. Looney and Wiggins, who averaged 35, 17 and 7 points on a combined shot of 60 with some percent – the Mavs have no answer to that. They dominate their roles. ”

But Chris Brussard would not allow Wright to get away so easily from his past grievances.

The contribution of Wiggins and Looney transformed the Warriors from dangerous to almost infallible.

And now they have only one game left before their sixth NBA final in eight seasons.

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