Tallahassee, Florida – Can the U.S. Supreme Court provide information on the potential repeal of “Rowe v. Wade” to shake up the Florida by-elections?

Democrats hope so, but political experts are not sure.

Florida Democrats have already begun efforts to take advantage of the frustration following Monday’s news.

This was reported by Politico The High Court may soon repeal national protection against abortion.

Members are now writing a message that election day is a chance to protect women’s right to choose.

“That’s what Republicans stand for,” Democratic Democratic Chairman Manny Diaz said in a statement Tuesday. “By repealing Rowe v. Wade, they are severely restricting women’s rights to control their bodies and make their own health decisions. If this report is true, the Supreme Court ruling will only encourage extremist Republicans to continue attacking election choices across the country. determination to fight against all efforts to do so ”.

EW Scripps

State Sen. Shavrin Jones believes the possibility of outlawing abortions could spur Democrat voters.

Progressive voter engagement groups have also echoed this call, including Operation Blackout. This is a new attempt led by State Senator Shavrin Jones, D-Miami Gardens, which is trying to get 40,000 new registrations for minority voting by mail.

“You can’t expect to take the country back 50 years and think you’ll progress and continue to win races,” Jones said.

His group targets individuals under the age of 40 in non-urban areas who often do not vote in the interim. Abortion, Jones said, can be a strong motivation for them.

“We need to expand the electorate by attracting and exposing millions of black and brown non-voting voters,” Jones said. “But we have to give them something to vote for.”

Polls show that most Florida residents do not like the recent restrictions on abortion.

And fierce a survey by the University of North Florida found that 57% of registered voters opposed the state’s new 15-week ban, while about 34% supported it.

Dr. Susan McManus

EW Scripps

Dr Susan McManus believes Republicans can also benefit from any Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

But political scientists say not so fast.

Honored Professor of the University of South Florida Dr. Susan McManus believes that Republican government can also win.

“It will be a serious incentive for Republicans to show up, because abortion is one of the issues that people are very concerned about,” McManus said. “It’s a great incentive for Republicans who stand for life, and a great motivator for Democrats who stand for choice. The two will never meet.”

McManus also notes that Republicans now have more voters than Democrats, and they often turn out more during midterm elections.

She also said anything could happen from now until November. Abortion can be a pressing issue because there is a lack of sustainability.

“It really comes down to what strains people the most,” McManus said. “And a click of a finger can be a new problem. But always constant in terms of voter consciousness – it’s their economic circumstances and their family circumstances.”

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