There was a rumble around Patriots of New England on Monday, when it came to being a second-year defender Mac Jones appeared with a new look and a lean physique.

“His stomach is gone, and he looks very good,” – said the Patriots Kendrick Bourne laughed afterwards Organized team activities on Monday on the training grounds behind Gillette Stadium. “Now he’s definitely a pro.”

Jones, who was 15th overall Alabama on the 2021 draft said that in the off-season he made air conditioning a priority, although he had just passed 3801 yards and 22 touchdowns (with 13 interceptions), led Pats to 10 wins and reached the playoffs and was selected in the Pro Bowl.

“I think every year you want to spend as a self-assessment: how you felt through games and body fat, that’s all,” Jones said. “For me, just clean up your diet, and I’ve learned more about this offseason than ever, about nutrition, sleep, well-being and all that.”

The story of the best form in his life around Jones caused a stir among Patriots fans, which is understandable given the franchise’s struggle to regain its position after Tom Brady departure for Tampa Bay after the 2019 season.

Kevin Wildsleading “First of alland a famous fan of the Patriots, one of them.

“He has improved his body, arm and mind,” said Wilds.

“First of all, his body. He lost his beautiful belly, a small one that I call baby fat, or maybe even a little goat fat. Second, your hand. Guess who we worked with in the offseason? Tom? House! … Tom House worked with Tom Brady, so of course Mac Jones’ hand will be better. “

The house was MLB a pitcher who has since built a career as a biomechanics expert and pitcher and pitcher. Over the years, House has worked extensively with Brady and Jones discovered on Monday that he also worked with House.

“Finally, it’s his mind,” Wilds continued. “He has another year of experience behind him.”

Wilds further argued that critics judged Jones more harshly than other defenders in the 2021 draft class, including Trevor Lawrence (№ 1 total choice Jaguars), Zach Wilson (№ 2, Planes), Trey Lance (№ 3, 49ers) and Justin Fields (№ 11, Bears).

“Why can’t Mac Jones get the same thing we allow ourselves for any other QB?” he said. “If you look at the pre-season forecasts for all the other QBs for the second year, you’ll hear the same thing. Oh, Trevor Lawrence, another year. Oh, Zach Wilson, another year under his belt. Watch the Bears with Justin Fields, another Oh, Trey Lance, will they be better because he threw for 600 yards?

“And what about the Pro Bowler baby GOAT? Oh, it probably will be the same.”

Wilds may be right, as Jones has compared quite favorably to his fellow QB newcomers last season.

Among the skilled newcomers are Lawrence, Wilson, and Fields Houston third round Davis Mills – Jones took first place in terms of completion percentage (67.6%), passing yards (3801), passing TD (22), passing rankings (92.5) and QB wins (10).

He also topped all qualified newcomers in a pair of PFF rankings: attack (80.4) and pass (79.0). Fields was by far the second in both categories – 64.2 and 60.8 respectively.

Perhaps most importantly, Jones ’67.6% completion rate was the second-best newcomer in history – just behind Duck Prescott 67.8% in 2016 – and he was the first QB Patriots rookie to start a post-season game.

So why all the skepticism around Jones ’future?

Leading Wildes Nick Wright said it was simple: “The expectations from McJones when he came to the league were that he was the most polished, he was the most pro-ready. So why didn’t he go higher? Because he has the lowest ceiling … the concern was that what he comes out of Alabama is what he will be. “

And Wright went on to argue that Jones is not profitable to compare with other QBs in his conference.

“I was going to make a list of AFC defenders who are better than McJones. It’s too long,” Wright said. “What AFC defenders can say with confidence that McJones is better? I came up with two and a half. Tua [Tagovailoa], Mitch Trumpet, and although it hurts me because I love the neck of this man, Davis Mills. … And I’m nasty to Mills. “

While the off-season debate may revolve around Jones-Patriots interaction, the real test will take place on September 11, when the Patriots travel to Miami to fight Dolphins on the 1st week.

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