Luka Doncic would not be the only superstar to be swept away. He would just be the last.

The Dallas Mavericks are on the verge of elimination if they take the floor against Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, in the Western Conference final with a score of 0-3.

And, as usual, all eyes are on Doncic and whether he can help his franchise avoid a disappointing deviation from power.

Play-off stripping for superstars is not uncommon. In fact, Kevin Durant, Caire Irving and Brooklyn Nets were ahead in the first round of this postseason Boston Celtics.

Michael Jordan was twice ahead of the Celtics, though only in a five-game series (he was never killed in a seven-game series).

LeBron James and Magic Johnson were covered twice, Kobe Bryant and Karim Abdul-Jabar three times, and Shaquille O’Neill – a whopping six times.

So will the stripping be a huge blow to Doncic?

Skip Bayless said it’s certainly a bad look for the young superstar Mavs, mainly because in the second round of the playoffs, Memphis defeated the Golden State even without their rising superstar Ja Marant.

“I don’t even see a series involving Luke and company. Why is that? … The team without Ja Maranto, its best player, in the last three games brought the Golden State to the wire in Game 6, which was very close to forcing Game 7? “

Although GS closed Memphis in six games and won game 6 with a score of 14, the Grizzlies led with a score of 6:55 before the start of the fourth quarter of that game.

However, Memphis was second seed in the Western Conference and Dallas sixth and upset the first seeded Phoenix Suns even reach the final of the West – and this is mainly due to Donchich.

The Dallas All-Star Game is averaging 32.1 points, 9.5 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.8 steals in 13 games this postseason.

That’s why, combined with the fact that Jordan, James and others tasted a sweeping defeat Shannon Sharp said a loss of four would not affect Doncic’s stock.

“The greatest of the greats have been selected. … We did what if you don’t win the title, Jordan got early. Jordan never lost in the final. So it was normal for Jordan if he didn’t win until he never lost. lost in the final. What kind of logic is that? “

Doncic has already joined several historical lists with the most iconic names of the game.

And if he loses on Tuesday, then join them on another list – in terms of brooms.

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