Her car then crashed into a concrete wall, police said.

Her car then crashed into a concrete wall, police said.

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A woman was driving on a Missouri interstate when a “piece of metal” flew through her windshield, authorities said. She died in the next accident.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was called to the fatal crash shortly after 12:30 pm on Tuesday, October 11th.

Authorities said the woman appeared to be driving westbound on Interstate 64 in St. Louis when the metal struck the driver’s side windshield.

Her Mercedes Benz E350 then “struck the north concrete wall several times,” police said, before the vehicle came to rest on the right shoulder.

The female driver was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Police said it was unclear if the metal piece was from a vehicle or if it was another piece of debris.

The investigation is ongoing. Police have not publicly named the woman.

Caitlin Alanis is a reporter for McClatchy National Real-Time who lives in Kansas. She is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism.