HOUSTON, TX – Keeping a New Year’s resolution to get in shape is never easy. Nigel Stokes knows this because she has been helping other Houston women achieve their goals for over a decade. Richmond Avenue Women’s Elite Boxing Club is celebrating its tenth anniversary. A place where Nigel and what she calls her “community” come together to stay fit and bond.

“It’s a place where women and girls can come to build confidence, to build self-esteem, to be able to protect themselves. The energy here is so amazing.”

Nigel’s personal journey is amazing. She weighed about 400 pounds when she decided things had to change. She signed up for a boxing club, but more for serious fighters. She left and started teaching what she learned remotely in the parks. “I was surprised how quickly it grew, I was teaching all over Houston.”

As her client base continued to grow, Nigel opened the Women’s Elite Boxing Club in January 2013. Her slogan is “You don’t have to be a boxer to train like one.”

Over the past ten years, Nigel has built more than just a gym. She has created a community, a home for many others who want to stay fit. Nigel’s advice to anyone just starting out or wanting to keep their New Year’s resolution: “Don’t overthink it, don’t set unrealistic goals, commit to them and just do them. Come in, have fun and create a routine, your body will start to change.”

For more information on the Women’s Elite Boxing Club be sure to visit their website at womensliteboxing.com

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