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Stephanie McMahon – one of the most famous characters in the WWE.

Beginning in the 1990s as an innocent young lady involved in a storyline starring Undertaker and her father Vince McMahon, Stephanie will grow to become a force on WWE television in the coming decades.

When last week’s “Princess for a Billion Dollars” announced it would go on holiday, now is a good time to take a trip to the memory lane and reflect on its top five moments in the WWE.

5. Unholy wedding – April 26, 1999

It was Stephanie McMahon’s first big story at WWE.

After the “kidnapping” in Backlash the Undertaker offered to safely return her the next night to Raw in exchange for control of the entire company. Vince agreed and said he would meet at an agreed location.

When Vince arrived, the Undertaker revealed that he was still in the arena for the “Unholy Wedding” with McMahon’s daughter. Classic goth, villain-move.

Luckily, “Stone Cold” by Steve Austin intervened, and the horrific wedding was never over – but it will all forever be considered one of Stephanie’s most memorable moments on screen.

4. Wedding with test – November 29, 1999

It doesn’t necessarily age over time, but it’s part of Stephanie’s screen character’s foundation.

After the whole situation of the Undertaker’s Cross – sorry, not a cross, a symbol – Stephanie will later move on to the screen role of Dating Wrestler Test. Eventually they got engaged, and the wedding was scheduled for an episode of Raw.

Unfortunately, Triple H interrupted the ceremony to show that he ran away with Steph the night before at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas (when she was unconscious).

I told you this one isn’t getting old!

Stephanie wept angrily, realizing that her dream wedding had been ruined, Vince McMahon cursed Triple H out of the ring, and the crowd went for the bananas.

It was a dramatic but memorable scene.

3. Bree Bella’s match at SummerSlam – August 17, 2014

After the first fight of “Father vs. Daughter” “I Quit” in 2003 against Mr. McMahon, Stephanie took a long break in the ring competition.

At the time, the former WWE women’s champion was still appearing on television, but for ten years she stayed away from the real match.

That was until 2014 at the peak of the “Yes!” Movement, when The Authority’s problems with Daniel Bryan led to a match against his wife Brie Bella.

Although it may not have been a technical classic, the match proved that Stephanie still has something left aside and she can perform again for the new generation (without looking out of place).

Also, this perspective was classic.

2. Stephanie and Triple H vs. Ronda Rosie and Kurt Engle at WrestleMania – April 8, 2018

While Steph was a screen character in the WWE, she surprisingly only participated in one WrestleMania match.

However, the “Princess for a Billion Dollars” credited this by teaming up with her husband against Ronda Rosie and Kurt Engle in a match that allowed current SmackDown women’s champion to debut with great success.

At the moment it was Stephanie’s last match in the company and if it was over forever it was a fun swan song.

1. Vince ‘s turn on Armageddon – December 12, 1999

The beginning of the infamous McMahon-Helmsley era in WWE, turning its heel on Mr. McMahon, of all people, should be Stephanie’s biggest hit.

Returning to “Unholy Wedding” from Undertaker, Vince later admitted that he was behind the case, only to mess with “Stone Cold”.

No, he had not brought his daughter in advance, and she was angry.

In fact she was so angry that she made up for the responsibility with Triple H for marrying her unconscious, and decided to actually be in a relationship with a guy.

This led her to betray Vince in the match, join Triple H and eventually become the best duo in the entire WWE, leading to the dominance of terror that children will experience for decades to come.

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Ryan Satin is a WWE analyst for FOX Sports. Satin previously appeared on FS1’s “WWE Backstage” and founded the Pro Wrestling Sheet, where as editor-in-chief he published countless news items.

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