Like us exclusively reported, YFN LuccI am seeking an emergency bail hearing because his lawyers believe his life is in “danger” after he was allegedly stabbed A young bandit associates at Fulton County Jail back in February.

As you know, now Lucci is on trial on charges of murder and racketeering. While he awaits an emergency bail hearing, we are told that there are no plea deals on the table and they are preparing to prove his innocence.

According to an exclusive statement received by The Shade Room, David Findling, his lawyer, said:

There are no discussions with the request. We continue to prepare for trial to prove 100% innocence of Reichon Bennett on all charges.

Findling also says:

None of the law enforcement or county attorneys have tried to contact Mr. Bennett or my law firm to discuss any threats or injuries received by Mr. Bennett.

He insists that his client be released on bail:

On behalf of Mr. Bennett, we argue that if the district attorney’s office is genuinely concerned about Mr. Bennett’s well-being, they should agree to release him on bail.

As you know, prosecutors claim that Young Thug gave his accomplices permission for a second assassination attempt on YFN Lucci.

Prosecutors allege that two YSL associates, CHRISTIAN EPINGER and ANTONIA SAMLIN, worked to obtain permission @youngthug make a 2nd assassination attempt @YFNLUCCI while he is in prison in Fulton County.

If you remember, Rays said someone stabbed him back in February. According to TMZLucci was on a video call when he said someone used a homemade shin to hit him.

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