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Over the past few years, people – and the market – have had an on-again/off-again, love/hate relationship with cryptocurrency, which is a form of digital payment created using encryption algorithms. Although recently love relationships seems to have cooled downHouse for Sale is turning heads with its vibrant ode to virtual currency.

A four-bedroom, three-bedroom residence in North Hollywood, California, is worth $1.2 million and has an interior filled with a kind of “crypto” decor, including a dining room with Bored Ape Yacht Club wallpaper.

The limited edition non-fungible token, which at first glance looks like a rejected Warner Bros. cartoon, consists of 10,000 NFTs and is considered the most expensive collection on the crypto marketreports Cnet.com.

While the photos clearly show the choice of decorations, the listing on Realtor.com does not mention it.

“The home has recessed lighting and natural light that shines through the entire home,” the listing describes. “As you enter the home there is a well appointed open plan kitchen leading into the lounge and dining room. There are two bedrooms across the hall next to the living room.”

There are other features that will attract a keen potential buyer:

  • High ceilings

  • Large windows

  • Swimming pool

  • Separate bonus rooms

The 2,012-square-foot home drew attention Zillow Gone Wildpopular real estate page on social media, and fans immediately zoomed in on the imaginary decor.

“It happened,” reads the caption on the page. “Someone created a Crypto House in North Hollywood, California. The walls alone must be worth billions of ETH.”

“Of course, TODAY it’s 2,012 square feet. It will drop to 725 square feet next week,” someone joked.

“It says Airbnb all over the place. Fun house for parties. Hard house to live in,” remarked another.

“Is some square footage disappearing, as crypto continues to do?” – asked one person.

“I don’t understand this crypto stuff. Maybe that’s the best way,” someone pointed out.

You can’t actually live in the house, you just get a piece of paper saying you live there,” another tweeted. Someone else lives there full time.

Llari De Paz Zelaya of Realty Group Advisors maintains the listing.

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