Hendry County detectives were investigating a missing person report that quickly turned into a homicide investigation, according to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sept. 30, Sheriff Steve Weeden received a report of concern about a missing mother of two young children and immediately responded and took action.

Kathy Baunach, 39, stopped at her home on Sept. 29 and stepped out for a moment, leaving her two young children behind at about 9 p.m. Kathy said she was going to run over to her ex-husband’s house to pick up a few things. and will be back soon, according to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon further investigation, the ex-husband was identified as Jan Baunach, 43, of Fort Dane, Florida. According to the report, Ian and Katie had a contentious relationship involving domestic violence.

Sheriff Weeden dispatched a marked patrol car to the residence of Jan Baunach, where Kathy Baunach’s car was located in the driveway. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach either Cathy or Ian, the patrol officer left. Approximately 45 minutes later, the patrol officer arrived at Ian’s home again to find that Cathy’s vehicle had been moved and parked on the side of the road. The driveway gate was closed to prevent any incoming traffic.

Detectives with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division and Major Crimes Unit quickly obtained a search warrant under suspicious circumstances to search for Kathy. They called Yan’s place of residence when deputies approached him.

According to HCSO, Ian was seen walking in front of his home and did not miss the deputies. The driveway gate was broken and deputies with a SWAT team approached Ian and took him into custody without incident.

When detectives and SWAT cleared the house, they couldn’t find Cathy. Deputies observed numerous items in the residence that led them to believe that criminal activity had occurred. Detectives obtained a second search warrant to seize the home and land as part of the homicide investigation.

Detectives spent four days with investigators at the crime scene, combing the residence and the five-acre lot. Detectives discovered human remains in Jan Baunakh’s house and property. According to the HCSO, detectives cannot yet identify the human remains and are working with DNA analysis.

Ian is being held in the Hendry County Jail on a $325,000.00 bond on other charges.