Data streaming platform Confluent has announced new capabilities in Stream Governance, its Apache Kafka management solution, and data in motion. New features are available as part of a new tier of offers, Advanced flow control.

In addition to the existing features offered in Stream Governance Essentials, the enhanced version provides additional ways to discover and understand data in motion, according to Confluent.

It offers a timeline of data at a specific point in time, which can help companies look back on the history of data flow. Customers can either look back at a 24-hour period of history or one hour in a seven-day range.

The flow catalog now includes the ability to add more information and data. New business metadata can be added to add context, such as which team owns the topic, how it is used, and who to contact for questions about the data.

Confluent also doubled the global availability of Schema Registry to 28 regions, increasing the uptime SLA.

“Businesses rely heavily on real-time data to make fast, informed decisions, so it’s critical that the right teams have quick access to reliable data,” said Chad Werbowski, senior vice president of engineering at Confluent. “With Stream Governance, organizations can understand the full volume of streams moving through their business so they can quickly leverage that data for endless use cases.”