The Lakes Regional Library has become a disaster recovery center in Lee County and is a place where people affected by the storm come together to get help.

Many people who visit the Disaster Recovery Center do not know what their next step is after Hurricane Ian. Some, however, are surprised at the amount of help they can get.

One couple who lived in a mobile home in the San Carlos Park area said their home looked fine from the outside, but the inside was a different story.

“We just renovated the premises. We just started to really enjoy everything,” said the couple. “Our house fortunately, unfortunately, looked like nothing had happened, but as soon as you walked in, it was just complete disaster.”

The damage inside the house was caused by water that made its way inside. The water picked up their belongings, moved them, then threw them back as they receded.

The couple said their experience with the disaster recovery center was good. They said the lines moved quickly and they were able to talk to FEMA and insurance about the damage.

The couple said they were able to get help at a disaster recovery center, but they said they still don’t know what to expect next.

A disaster recovery center can be a beacon of hope for many people seeking help, but you have to be prepared to wait in line because there are many people who need help.

One of the people waiting at the disaster recovery center was Joe from Cape Coral, his house is backed up by a canal, and he told Jan that he’s never had a problem with flooding, so he doesn’t have flood insurance.

He stayed at home during the storm.

“Everything was fine until the water started coming through the pool and into the house. Little did I know how high it would go. “Someone said we should go up to the attic,” Joe said.

According to Joe, by the end of the storm, about two feet of water had entered his home.

“It’s been here for 20 years. I never thought I would see water flowing down the street. That’s why I never bought a flood. “I never thought it would go this high,” Joe said.