Gov. Ron DeSantis was in Fort Myers Beach on Saturday to inspect the area recovering from extensive damage from Hurricane Ian.

At the news conference, DeSantis talked about the plans, challenges and other efforts being made to fix things in Fort Myers Beach.

Residents wanted to know when they would be able to return to the beach. And on Saturday at 7 a.m., the first group of residents reached the island to collect their belongings.

A significant amount of debris in the area has been cleared, so they are on the right track.

There are several locations with LCEC that still do not have power in areas such as Cape Coral and North Fort Myers.

It was noted that more than 99% of people in Southwest Florida have electricity, except for the few locations served by LCEC.

During the press conference, it was said that if the house was damaged enough, it may not receive electricity until it is repaired. And considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Yang, the power infrastructure held up well.

DeSantis also noted that restoration work is underway at Isle of Pines.

A concerted effort has been made to help thousands of liners work with LCEC. Southwest Florida has 42,000 linemen ready to help restore power.

The Mayor of Panama City and other officials are coming to inspect the area and advise local authorities on possible next steps for recovery.

Another goal discussed by DeSantis is to have Sanibel Road open by the end of October. But in the meantime, they help transport a crew of electricians on amphibious landing craft that require a tide.

Relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ian have been significant in Southwest Florida. 13,000,000 meals were delivered, 2,500,000 pounds of ice, 2,200,000 gallons of fuel were transported to Southwest Florida, 375 of Elon Musk’s Star Link devices and 2,507 bridges were rebuilt.

There was an incredible emphasis on the fact that the area will bounce back from what happened, even if it takes time. But it was said that businesses had generally recovered and that the snowbirds should be back by the winter season.

At the solemn moment, it was recognized that there have not been so many rescue teams in one area since September 11.

And then it said that efforts to find people will continue, and DeSantis wants families who are still missing loved ones to know that.