Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave another press conference on Sunday about renewed efforts to repair the devastation left by Hurricane Ian.

DeSantis and his wife have seen a significant amount of flooding throughout DeSato County.

Florida is 100% reimbursed for trash removal, however, after 30 days you will not be reimbursed.

DeSantis also went on to discuss that 93% of people influenced by Yang have been empowered and that the progress will be continuous.

DeSantis was able to meet with linemen working throughout the county.

Ron DeSantis waves to the crowd after a news conference in DeSato County. (CREDIT: WINK News)

DeSantis also noted at the press conference that statewide recovery has been underway since Friday morning. DeSantis explained that the work to fix the problems of the affected community is the result of many resources working together.

DeSantis noted that generators are being shipped to DeSoto County to get gas stations up and running quickly. Elon Musk also contributed by getting satellite devices to help DeSato County.

Desantis went on to note that beginning Tuesday morning, insurance companies, including flood insurance, will be on site so people can show them the damage firsthand.

DeSantis noted that most of the damage caused by Hurricane Ian was caused by flooding.

Southwest Florida residents are encouraged to document and photograph the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.