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Hot and humid with isolated thunderstorms Monday afternoon


Highs will reach 80 degrees and lows in the 90s with partly cloudy skies. Sufficient humidity will still contribute to the sensation of temperature reaching the upper 90s during peak heating. If they manage to avoid our rain chances during the afternoon and evening, boaters will be greeted with excellent conditions on the water. They will encounter light swell in our bays and 1 to 2 foot waves within the Gulf.

Isolated storms are expected in southwest Florida on Monday. After a dry morning, clouds will increase into the late morning, with a thunderstorm developing in the afternoon. They will grow in size and strength as the day approaches evening. Severe weather is not expected, but our strongest storms will be capable of isolated flooding, gusty winds and lightning.

What used to be known as Hurricane Julia has left the Atlantic Ocean and moved into the Pacific Ocean. This left only one active disturbance in the Atlantic basin. In the Caribbean, there will be a low (10%) chance of an area of ​​disturbed weather forming over the next five days as it enters the Bay of Campeche later this week. Early indications are that this system is likely to remain in the Western Gulf. Karl, Lisa and Martin are the next names on our 2022 storm names list.