Face he is no stranger to criticism about appeasing white people. Yes, as the star says Fair of vanity– she heard it before. At her predominantly black school, children associated her membership in a rock band with floral bell-bottoms “acting like a white girl”.

And even with her Grammy, Emmy, NAACP, BET and Train of the soul awards in tow, the 34-year-old singer is still hearing it! Face tells Fair of vanity in a recent interview that “biggest criticism” people give her what she makes music for white people.

“When black people see a lot of white people in the audience, they think, ‘Well, it’s not for me, it’s for them. The thing is, when a black artist reaches a certain level of popularity, it’s going to be a predominantly white crowd,” Lizzo said.

The greater the fame, the whiter the crowd? The face thinks so!

Lisso recalled how surprised she was by the white audience that filled the venues sister Rosetta Tharp and Tina Turner. She also mentioned the name Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce as examples of black artists who have reached a level of fame where large white audiences are the norm.

She says that even rap artists are starting to go to arenas “mostly white” the audience. But her perspective on black womanhood inspires her music; – said artist Lisa Robinson – regardless of who buys her tickets.

“I don’t make music for white people. I’m a black woman, I make music from my black experience to heal myself [from] the experience we call life. If I can help other people, hell yeah. Because we are the most marginalized and neglected people in this country. We need self-love and self-love hymns more than anyone.


She added, “So I’m making music for that girl who looks like me, who grew up in a town where she was underestimated and picked on and made to feel ugly? yes. It boggles my mind when people say I don’t make music from a black perspective—how could I not do that as a black artist?

Face says the criticism bothered her until she met black women who felt noticed and inspired by her music. She says she can “chill back and have a cocktail” because she’s comfortable with the direction she’s taking with her music. The more mainstream she goes, the more she finds those who relate!

What about her Bae? Still together and in love!

Lizzo is not one to talk much about her relationship. As she told Pride fair, her dating life becoming “news” was strange, and she was still determined to keep most of her life a secret. But still, the artist told how things are going with them and whether marriage is part of their plans.

“I’ve known him for over six years,” she said. “He is everything. We are just in love. And that’s all.”

Although she may be in love and not looking elsewhere, she does not necessarily direct the relationship to marriage.

“People fight for monogamy like they pray for it every day. I am not a polyamorous person, I am not in love with multiple partners. It’s not me. He is the love of my life. We are life partners, Lizzo. Do I want to get married? If I wanted to start a business with him, I would get married because then your finances come together. I love weddings. I would like to play a wedding, not a marriage.’