View from the air

View from the air

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The hotel-like mansion with tons of space has managed to confuse a popular social media real estate page with its large number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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The The 54,101-square-foot estate is listed for $3.8 million in Wellsburg, West Virginia, has a total of 61 bedrooms and 64 bathrooms. In total.

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Yes, you read that right.

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“Almost 500 acres of a generous mix of wooded land and open fields that can be used for recreational or agricultural purposes!” says the listing on

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“Originally commissioned as the summer estate of Cpt. JJ Vandergrift with Gilded Age skill!”

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Featured features include:

  • Commercial kitchen

  • Library

  • Billiard room

  • Chapel

  • Care home

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The listing says the new owner could use the property in a variety of ways, including renting it out as a wedding venue, hunting lodge or even a bed and breakfast.

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Despite its versatility, fans of Zillow Gone Wild were a little confused – and even scared – by the unusual size of the estate.

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“It’s Hogwarts meets (a) nursing home,” one person joked.

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“The whole family can live here and (never) see each other,” remarked another.

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“No. I’ve read and watched The Shining too many times for that to ever be an option,” someone said.

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“I’m looking for 65 bathrooms,” one person joked.

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“All I can think about is the sheer amount of toilet paper rolls in this house, assuming there’s at least one roll per bathroom,” remarked another.

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“I would never buy a house where the chapel has more seats than the bar,” someone joked. “But that’s just me.”

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“I require all my mansions to have at least 62 bedrooms and 65 bathrooms, so I’ll have to give it up,” one person said.

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Wellsburg is located approximately 45 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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