NEW YORK (WABC) – The battle over red light cameras has led to a war of words between New York and New Jersey lawmakers.

This comes after lawmakers in New York threatened a $50 non-cooperation fee for New Jersey drivers entering the city.

This is in response to a New Jersey bill that would prohibit the state from helping New York impose fines for running red lights and speed cameras.

“Why do you need such a bill?” This was stated by the mayor of New York, Eric Adams. “Speed ​​cameras save lives. What we’re trying to do with congestion pricing and other things, you know, information sharing is important. I don’t know why anyone would create such a bill, it makes no sense to me.”

New York fought to have 24-hour speed cameras to make the streets safer.

A New Jersey state senator who supports the bill at the center of the debate says the state could impose its own $100 fee for New Yorkers to enter Jersey.

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