Olivia Wilde begins to talk frankly about the life of a single mother. Actor and director broke up with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis in November 2020, and the exes and father-of-two recently made headlines for their child custody battle, son Otis and daughter Daisy. In November, Wilde’s cover p Elshe talked about navigating motherhood in the spotlight.

“Do you know why you don’t see me with my children? Because I don’t allow them to be photographed.”

“I share custody of the children with my ex. When I am not photographed with my children, people assume that I have abandoned them, as if my children are just somewhere in a hot car without me,” she shared. “The suggestion is that I have given up my role as a mother. Do you know why you don’t see me with my children? Because I don’t allow them to be photographed. Do you know the lengths I go to protect my children from being seen?”

Wilde previously opened up about life with her children after her breakup during an appearance on Sept. 21 “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “I think it’s difficult to change a family,” she told the daytime talk show host. “The only benefit is that I can have very deep conversations with my kids about emotions, about happiness, about what family means and what love means, and it’s really allowed me to get to know them in a different way.”

Wilde’s children, she said, always come first. “My priority is them. That’s what it is. As long as they’re happy and healthy, my ex and I are okay with that,” she said. “They are everything to us.” She also said that raising children in the public eye added an extra layer of complexity to her family life. “If you can surround them with that kind of love, then that’s fine,” Wilde added. “But, you know, it’s difficult because we don’t do it privately.”

With all the fame and all, Wilde told Clarkson that her family helps her keep things in perspective. “The thing is, it’s hard. Sometimes it’s hard,” she said. “But at the end of the day, I’m so lucky… There are people all over the place who are dealing with real health crises and, you know, my stuff is there, but I’m alive and my kids are alive and that’s what it comes down to I remind myself of that every day.”

Wilde’s turbulent marital situation with Sudeikis attracted more attention thanks to her highly publicized relationship with Harry Stylesher star “don’t worry dear” the film, which was released on September 23. In April, Wilde was executed guardianship documents while speaking onstage at CinemaCon, though a source close to Sudeikis said People that the star of “Theda Lasso” did not know that the documents would be delivered to her on stage.

After this incident, Wilde’s main concern was the couple’s children. “It was horrible for me, but the victims were 8- and 5-year-olds, and it’s very sad,” she said in an interview in August Diversity. “I decided to become an actress; I willingly walked into the center of attention. But that’s not what my kids asked for.”