An image of hope nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ian devastated the city of Sanibel. The first trucks and crews made their way down the Sanibel Road.

To some people, it may just look like crews going to restore power, but to the people of Sanibel, it’s much more than that, it’s hope.

Craig Rumps lives in Sanibel and is starting to get more optimistic.

“When do you already see progress? Not even a week later, it’s just amazing. It just gives us a little more hope, a little more drive to, you know, with all these wonderful workers that come here, just to help them in any way we can,” Rumps said.

The city manager said 350 LCEC trucks came across the road bringing 50 pieces of equipment to the island.

All of this comes nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ian devastated much of Southwest Florida. One of these destroyed areas was Sanibel Island and parts of the road.

Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith shared some words with WINK News about the progress being made.

“It shows what can be done and it shows what can be done for us as a community,” Smith said.

A community that no doubt needs a lot of help.

“I can see this crazy storm going on into the next day with the news and stuff. So what I saw was probably the most exciting experience, really like the severity of the storm, with everything, and to be honest, it was probably the first time that I realized that my life was completely turned upside down,” Rumps said.

Rumps lives and works on Sanibel, and last Friday he got to see his home for the first time.

“Fortunately, mine was fine. My things. The building was all on the first floor, but I was on the second floor. So that was good, but now it’s just a waiting game until I can get my stuff off the island, wherever they open it up,” Rumps said.

Sanibel Road will be open to traffic on Friday, October 21. The city authorities announced that passes will be valid for driving on the road.

As for the meeting, several other topics were discussed Tuesday night, including the upcoming election, insurance, permits and safety tips when returning to the island.