ABC News reports that the Uvalde School District stopped all Police officers months after a school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

The district has decided to temporarily suspend all operations of the Uvalde CISD Police Department. The officers who are currently employed will be in other positions within the county,” the county said in a statement.

Lieutenants Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller were placed on leave, but Mueller decided to resign an hour after the official announcement.

The district has applied to the Texas Department of Public Safety for additional troopers for campus and extracurricular activities. We are confident that the safety of staff and students will not be compromised during this transition.

According to CNN, “recent events” that “revealed additional issues with the department’s operations” are the reason the school district made the decision. But there was no specifics in the announcement.

Uvalde parents are suing gun maker and school district

Parents of survivors at Robb Elementary School in Uwald, Texas filed a federal lawsuit against the school district and the city, a gun manufacturer and a host of other organizations last week.

The lawsuit says the maker of the gun used by an 18-year-old boy who killed 19 students and 2 teachers used “aggressive” marketing tactics.

Daniel Defense chose not to conduct any research to evaluate the impact of their marketing strategies on the health and well-being of Americans and chose not to consider the costs to families and communities like Uvalde, Texas.

The lawsuit alleges that the door’s manufacturer, Schneider Electric, “failed to lock as intended after closing.”

The group sued for punitive damages and other relief.