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Thursday brings more isolated storms and highs in the 80s


High temperatures will mostly be above 80 degrees. A significant amount of humidity will continue to push most of our sensible temperatures into the 90s. On the eve of afternoon and evening storms, conditions will be favorable for boaters on the water. A light surge is forecast in our bays and one to two feet in the Gulf of Mexico.

Local storms return to the forecast. After a mostly dry start to the day, a thunderstorm will develop in the afternoon. They will quickly build in strength and reach into the late afternoon. Severe weather is not expected, but some storms may produce gusty winds, isolated flooding and cloud-to-ground lightning.

Tropical Storm Carl is expected to make landfall in Mexico late Friday or early Saturday morning. A number of factors will likely prevent Karl from attaining hurricane status before landfall. This system does not pose a threat to the United States.

There is only one more area of ​​disturbed weather in the Atlantic. A disturbance has been identified in the Mid-Atlantic with a low (20%) chance of formation over the next five days. It is too early to speculate on the long-term forecast for this tropical wave. Regardless of its form, this system is about 3,000 miles from our coastline and poses no *immediate* threat to the United States.