Tory Lanez faces charges that he hit a pregnant driver on a highway in Miami in 2021. But his lawyer Andel Brown, does not buy what is being sold in a lawsuit. He told TMZWorld Health Organization broke the storythat there is a suit “are baseless and will be ridiculed in court.”

However, the documents submitted Grulon roof and Jesse Grulon On New Year’s Day, Tori was driving a green Bentley SUV. The couple says they stopped at a red light at the end of an on-ramp after exiting the highway.

out of nowhere Tory allegedly flew by. His car allegedly rammed into their car from the rear on the left while Krisha was behind the wheel. The lawsuit says she was four months pregnant at the time. Not only did Torey hit their car, but the couple says he didn’t even stop to check on the situation.

Torrey’s lawyer says the couple’s story has changed

Attorney Andel is handling the lawsuit from the other side. He told TMZ the whole story behind the costume is made up. He believes Krisha and Jesse just looked at Tori’s license plate to get him on their case.

In addition, Andel expressed suspicion about a claim that affected Tori’s insurance in July – months after the January accident. The lawyer also said the couple described the car that hit them as silver, but later changed the color to green in the lawsuit.

Andel says the company investigated the incident, spoke with lawyers and found no basis for a lawsuit.

But the couple is moving forward with the suit. They want Tory to sit on the deposit in early 2023. Tori did not respond to their demands for 45 days, according to the documents.

This story comes about two weeks after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced the investigation in August Alsina’s statement about a physical fight with Tori.