The will is real Los Angeles Rams please stand up.

Through four games this season, the defending Super Bowl champions have looked far from what many expected, now sitting at 2-2 after going down 24-9 losses for Art San Francisco 49ers on Monday evening.

Matthew Stafford and the offense couldn’t find the end zone against a 49ers team coming off an uninspiring 11-10 loss to the Broncos the previous week. Meanwhile, on the defensive side of the ball, the Rams haven’t produced a single sack after seven through the first three weeks of the season.

Why is this team not working in the first month of the campaign?

Colin Kaustukhhost”The herd” claimed on Tuesday that the loss of the midfielder Von Miller and left tackle Andrew Whitworth are crippling the Rams up front, on both sides of the ball.

“Von Miller is leaving and Andrew Whitworth is retiring. They lose their best pass rusher and their best pass protector, and statistically the Rams have the worst differential in the league, four games out of the Super Bowl,” Cowherd said. “Persecution Nara, Brady, Garopala, the NFL last year. Two players, one leaving, one leaving for a better contract. … They have the worst differential in the league.

“And because of one thing Van Jefferson injury and a free agent move that hasn’t worked yet (Allen Robinson), they have one wide receiver (Cooper Kupp).”

The Rams’ struggles continue with a 24-9 loss to the 49ers at MNF

Colin Cowherd talks about the Rams’ struggles in the post-Super Bowl season.

Cowherd sees the Rams’ struggles as unfortunate given the strengths of other playoff teams in the NFC.

“In the NFC, Orlov“The defensive front is big. TampaRussia’s defensive front is large. Niners defensive front, great. Seattlenow we are working on it. Green bay gets after him. Look at all these teams in the NFC — a lot of good pass rushers. The Rams can’t protect the quarterback and Matt Stafford isn’t a true mover.

“It’s four weeks into the season and you look at the Rams and think, ‘This team is not a Super Bowl team.’ … They can’t protect their quarterback. They can’t get to the quarterback and they have a receiving core of one wide receiver.”

The Rams currently rank 25th in offensive EPA (expected scoring), 23rd in defensive EPA and 30th in total EPA. They rank 26th in offensive DVOA (defensively adjusted above average), 18th in defensive DVOA, 26th in total DVOA and 27th in points per game (negative 6.0) .

The Rams offense also ranks 28th in rushing yards (294.0) and 29th in scoring (17.5) per game.

After a stellar performance in his first season in Los Angeles, Stafford has struggled mightily through four games this year. He has 1,015 passing yards, four touchdown passes, six interceptions and has an 81.4 quarterback rating while completing 70.7% of his passes. Meanwhile, Kupp scored 42 of the team’s 106 receptions and 54 of the team’s 149 passing targets.

Last season, Jefferson, who sat out this season with a knee injury, had 802 receiving yards, 50 receptions and six receiving touchdowns. Robinson, who signed a three-year, $46.5 million deal with the Rams in the offseason, has just 95 receiving yards, nine receptions and one touchdown this season.

The defending Super Bowl champions will have plenty of chances to right the ship over the next few weeks as four of the Rams’ next five games come against opponents with a record of .500 or better. This challenging letter begins on Sunday with a game against Dallas Cowboys (3-1).

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