NEW YORK (WABC) – New information on the influx of migrants arriving in New York as the Biden administration develops a new plan to manage the flow of Venezuelan migrants.

Mayor Adams announced that a Midtown hotel will soon become a place to host and offer support to asylum seekers.

This is the second place of accommodation for migrants in the city during construction the first humanitarian aid center opens on Randalls Island.

More than 17,000 asylum seekers have been brought to New York on five to six buses that arrive each day.

The city opened more than 40 emergency shelters just to accommodate the influx of migrants.

With 61,000 people currently in New York’s shelter system, one in five is an asylum seeker, according to recent research.

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FILE – New York City Mayor Eric Adams

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Row NYC is a luxury hotel that is the last resort for families making the perilous journey across the border into the city.

This lavish care center will initially serve 200 families, but may expand in the coming weeks. It is not yet clear when the hotel will actually start accepting migrant families.

Families will be offered a variety of services, including legal, medical and social services. Children will be enrolled in public school.

There are currently 5,500 migrant children enrolled in New York public schools.

More help centers are expected to open in the coming weeks and months to serve as the initial point of contact for newcomers.

Local lawmakers asked the federal government for help.

Mayor Adams last week called on Congress to make it easier for migrants to work.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in town yesterday and acknowledged that the administration must do better for border security.

“Probably the most important thing we can do is to have work authorization,” Pelosi said. “And that would alleviate a lot of pressure on the community. But it’s a very controversial action that they’ve taken to just put people on a bus and send them somewhere.”

The Biden administration recently released a plan to help Venezuelan migrants, who make up a significant portion of those seeking asylum in the United States.

Some will be allowed to enter the U.S. and stay for up to two years, and must apply, have a sponsor in the U.S., and be vetted and vetted.

Venezuelans who cross the Mexican border without permission will be turned back.

The program will be limited to 24 thousand migrants.

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