Jordan Peele instantly became a horror movie legend upon release “exit” in 2017. It’s hard to believe that Peele was best known for comedies before this film—but in his short time in the horror realm, he’s churned out horror hits after horror hits. July’s No only cemented his ability to create surreal, cinematic and truly groundbreaking horror, and with talk of a sequel swirledit’s clear that his filmmaking career is still in its early stages.

Over the years, the talented star has experimented with everything from acting in sketch comedy to executive producing. In addition to his talent to delight and confound, he has also delved into the world of cartoons and children’s films, voicing roles in Toy Story 4 and Captain Underpants. Next, he will combine horror and animation with film Wendell and Wilde return a long time ago Keegan-Michael Key, actor and co-writer of Key & Peele. in freeze frame.

Although his work bridges genres that are often seen as opposites, namely horror and comedy, Peele sees a connection between the two. “The reason they work, the reason they get a primal, audible response from us, is because they allow us to release our own fears and discomforts in a safe environment,” he said in a 2017 interview. Guardian. “It’s like therapy. You’re dealing with deep issues that are uncomfortable, with the hope that there’s a release.”

Peele’s career is a testament to the fact that different genres, as well as different aspects of filmmaking, can work together. He began his career on the MTV series Mad TV in 2003, and the popularity of Key & Peele helped him become a star. For a while, he focused on television, creating the YouTube series Weird City and the TBS comedy The Last OG, as well as hosting and producing the CBS revival of The Darkness The Zone” from 2019 to 2020. But his exceptional talent shines through in his films, giving us some of the most unique and innovative horror films in recent memory. The movie that started it all, Vaughn plays on October 9 in the Freeform Series 31 Night of Halloweenso be sure to catch it there — if you haven’t seen it yet, this is definitely your chance.

As part of the celebration of Halloween season, here are the best movies Jordan Peele revived for many years.