Only a day later Kanye WestThe Instagram account was blocked, the rapper’s Twitter account was also blocked. On Friday, Oct. 7, West took to Twitter to continue his rant on social media. At first, his return to Twitter was praised Elon Muskwho is in the process of buying the company, but had his account suspended by Sunday for what many called an anti-Semitic tweet.

A Twitter spokesperson told POPSUGAR on Sunday, “The account in question has been suspended for violating Twitter’s policies.” This comes after West tweeted remarks that were described as anti-Semitic over the weekend. The tweet in question, which has since been deleted, read: “I’m a little sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going to die 3 about the Jewish people. The funny thing is, I can’t actually be anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jewish too. You guys have been playing with me and trying to kill anyone who opposes your goals.’

West posted similar messages on his Instagram before his account was suspended. A rep for Meta told POPSUGAR on Sunday that they removed the content from West’s Instagram for violating their policies and restricted his account, as they do for any account that repeatedly violates their rules. Details of the removed content have not been disclosed.

The American Jewish Committee shared a video compilation of West’s rants on Instagram on Saturday, along with why his posts and comments shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Kanye WestThe week consisted of: Incoherent remarks with racist and anti-Semitic undertones made on the nation’s main cable news program. Anti-Jewish posts were shared by his 18 million Instagram followers. These posts are dangerous,” AJC captioned the post.

West’s suspension comes after he spent much of the past week making accusations and taking digs at people on Instagram, including his exes Kim Kardashianformer daughter-in-law Khloe Kardashianfashion edited by Gabriela Carefa-Johnsonand model Gigi Hadid, among others.