HICKORY, NC – The family of a man who drove off a damaged bridge and died is now demanding answers.

“How could you let this happen? How could it be so? I don’t understand. Explain to me how you could leave this here,’” Alicia Paxson said.

According to ABC affiliate WSOC, The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said the crash happened late on September 30. Alicia’s husband, Phillip Paxson, was driving in his pickup truck after going to a birthday party for his 9-year-old daughter.

Paxson followed his GPS and it reportedly led him down the road to the bridge that washed away more than 8 years ago. There were no guardrails or warning signs on the bridge to deter drivers.

The Highway Patrol previously said the road and bridge are not under state jurisdiction and are not within Hickory city limits. The barriers placed on the road earlier were destroyed and removed.

The investigation into what happened is ongoing. In the meantime, the Peckson family is asking for prayers and for someone to take responsibility for this tragedy.

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