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Tuesday will be warmer than average ahead of isolated storms


High temperatures will mostly reach 90 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Our humidity is still very high, causing our sensible temperatures to reach the 90s and triple digits during peak heat. Water racers are in for some great conditions as they avoid the storms on Tuesday. Wave heights in the Gulf are forecast to be between 1 and 2 feet with light gusts in our bays.

Isolated storms are again forecast for southwest Florida. After a wet and rainless morning, there will be brief showers and light thunderstorms in the afternoon. By the evening they will strengthen a little. Some of them can cause gusty winds, isolated floods and lightning. Severe weather is not expected with these storms. A chance of rain remains in the forecast through Thursday before a cold front dries us out by Friday.

At the moment, the weather service is tracking only one disturbance in the Atlantic. It is located in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and has a medium (40%) chance of becoming a cyclone over the next five days. It still looks like this system will likely remain in the western Gulf of Mexico regardless of formation. The next name on our 2022 storm names list is Carl.