When Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagavailoa was injured against the Cincinnati Bengals during a Thursday Night Football game, all one could do was hope and pray that the 24-year-old quarterback would be okay.

After a controversial injury last week against Buffalo — one that looked like a concussion but was ruled a back injury — it almost seemed inhuman that he had to play another football game just four days later.

The NFLPA is investigating the Dolphins’ handling of the Bills incident, and the team doctor was fired after Tua’s latest injury, leaving many questioning how he was allowed to play.

Fortunately, initial reports say that nothing is broken in Tua. However, it is not known when he will play next time.

That’s what we’re picking up now – to the football aspect of Tua’s injury.

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The Dolphins were 3-0 and Tua had had a terrific season heading into the game against the Bengals.

His backup, Teddy Bridgewater, played well in his place, but the Dolphins suffered their first loss of the season.

The good news is that the Dolphins’ next six-game schedule isn’t just a gauntlet — they play the Jets, Vikings, Steelers, Lions, Bears and Browns.