Keke Palmer: Actor, singer, morning show host, comedian, director, screenwriter, and now TV host? Palmer announced on September 30 that she is leading the new digital network, her iconic Nickelodeon character True Jackson.

Sharing a video on her social media, Palmer, 29, highlights her many talents (“Did I mention I can sing too?” she teases) before confirming the launch of her KeyTV Network. “The most important thing is that I learned to be an employee. I want to share everything I’ve learned with you,” Palmer says at the end of the clip. “Because that’s my biggest dream of all. All it takes is one of us to open a door, to open a million doors for each other. KeyTV, where our stories matter and where we’re represented as keys to culture.”

Palmer elaborated further in the Instagram caption on KeyTV: “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, but this is the thing I’m most proud of. You always say I’m staying put, now I’m making sure we all get it. Sharing the keys to Culture is my biggest this gift is for you and for us, from me.”

It’s unclear what content KeyTV will include, but the network already has a number of social media pages. And in a clip on KeyTV’s YouTube channel, Palmer talked more about what her new venture will entail. She explained: “What if I told you that the real power of creativity happens behind the screen? What if I told you that there are several ways to do it? That we need more production artists, more sound mixers, more keyboard knobs and more DP? What if I told you we just need you?”

It’s already been a big year for Palmer. In addition to lending her voice to a Disney animated film “Light Year”, she also starred in Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, “No”Alice,” and “ The Proud Family ” reboot, “ Louder and Prouder .” Now, it’s set to officially launch on KeyTV on November 3, according to a newly released trailer released on October 13. Get ready to discover all the possibilities.