It’s over! According to the documents received by TMZ, Nazanin MandiMiguel’s wife filed for divorce.

If you remember, they announced in September 2021 that they are separating after 17 years of being together. However, in February of this year, they were together again. Although at the time, they did not confirm the reconciliation, their signatures along with the photos were very telling. Nazanin wrote: “Heal the root so that the tree is strong.” She continued: “I’m so proud of us.” Meanwhile, Miguel shared a similar sentiment, saying: “Love heals” and adding: “Proud of us.” Both signed their signatures with the name of Miguel Pimentel.

That all changed in March when Miguel and Nazanin stopped by The Shade Room to give an update on the state of their relationship. During the Smoking Grooves festival, the “Adorn” singer confirmed that they have made up and are still together after announcing their split.

Unfortunately, things seem to have changed somewhere in the last eight months. TMZ also reports that Nazanin cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and says a prenuptial agreement is in place. The news that the marriage is coming to an end shook the Housemates.

One commented: “Damn, divorces filed left and right all day long. It’s crazyyyyyy.” Another commented: “Why is everyone getting divorced these days?” As we previously reported, Tia Mowry has filed for divorce from her husband Corey Hardricht after 14 years of marriage. In addition, it is reported that Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen have hired divorce lawyers.

Neighbors, what do you think about all these marriages ending?