How Britney Greener prepares to hear her appeal later this month, her wife Cherelle Griner sat down for her first interview since Britney was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison for trying to smuggle drugs.

During her interview with Gayle King for CBS News, Cherelle shared that she has spoken to Britney on the phone twice since she was detained in Russia. She says that during the first phone call, she was happy to hear Brittney’s voice and thought Brittney was fine. However, she says that after the second phone call with Britney, it was the “most disturbing” phone call she’s ever had. Cherelle went on to share that she could tell Brittney was in a lot of pain that day.

Expressing that she could see that Britney wasn’t herself right now, she shared what Britney told her, “My life just doesn’t matter anymore. I feel like my life just doesn’t matter.’

Gayle King noted that Cherelle hopes the prisoner swap can happen before Britney’s appeal hearing on Oct. 25. She expressed concern that once the hearing is held and the order is finalised, Brittney could be in a position to be transferred to a labor camp.

Cherelle also said

“It’s like a movie for me. I say, “I never thought that our president and the president of a foreign country would sit down and discuss my wife’s freedom.” And so for me, despite the fact that everyone tells me different definitions of what BG is, I feel like she’s a hostage.”

How earlier As reported, back in August, Britney Griner was found guilty of attempted drug smuggling and sentenced to nine years in prison and fined 16,300 – one million rubles.

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