The Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District has released an access plan for Fort Myers Beach.

According to the report, On Oct. 7, the Town of Fort Myers Beach partnered with the Fort Myers Beach Fire District and has a confirmed access plan for residents following Hurricane Jan.

The access process will include only bus transportation to the city and will begin at an address just north of Times Square.

Beginning at 5 a.m., residents can park at the Access Reception Center located at LeeTran Park and Ride at 11101 Summerlin Square off Pine Ridge Road in Fort Myers.

Residents will have to queue to board buses starting at 7am. Buses will go into town on Estero Boulevard and stop every 500 feet. Buses will continue to make inbound and outbound trips, if desired, until 1:30 p.m., then buses will only run from the city to the Reception Center until 5:00 p.m. Multiple trips from the city to the Reception Center will be permitted.

Bus access will only be granted to one homeowner per address and one additional person. Home ownership will be verified through the Welcome Center registration process, which includes a check against county property records available at, which must match the identification documents provided by the home owner. Upon confirmation of information, residents will be provided with unique identification sheets color-coded with the days of access allowed. Access will be phased south in two-day increments as the debris is cleared and the PSA operation continues.

Residents should be prepared to bring only carry-on items, such as bags or backpacks, and items that can be contained in these facilities. Firearms and hazardous materials including but not limited to generators, fuel and batteries of any kind are prohibited.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire District wants to warn residents to be prepared for difficult infrastructure. There will be no electricity to run the equipment and no running water for drinking, cleaning, bathing or using the toilets. To be prepared for these conditions, you should consider bringing bottled water or other sources of hydration. Please avoid contact with flood waters of rivers and bays/bays to prevent exposure to unknown physical, chemical, biological and bacterial contamination in waterways.

For any questions, contact Haradok Fort Myers Beach Public Information Officer Jennifer Dexter at (239) 470-1090.